Difference Between the Duromax and the Duromax Elite Generators

What is the difference between Duromax and Duromax Elite generators? The DuroMax models offer a higher starting watts (4,400 - 10,000) and running watts (3,500-8,000) than the DuroMax Elite portable generators. The DuroMax also have more outlet options and bigger fuel tank size Read More >>

Compare the DuroMax Portable Generators

There are sevral DuroMax models availabele on the market such as the XP4400, XP4400E, XP8500E, and XP10000E. The 'E' stands for electrical that means this model available in manual/electrical starting method. And the '-CA' means this model is CARB-compliant and available for California residents.

You can compare the main difference between the DuroMax XP4400 and the XP10000E in the following table.

Compare the DuroMax Elite Portable Generators

The DuroMax Elite models including MX1500, MX4500, and MX4500E are available on the market. Only the MX4500E features an electrical starting method. The DuroMax Elites have 2 or 3 outlets and no CARB compliant available at Amazon.

You can compare each specs in the following table.

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